Sustainability Policy

This policy was created to present the Company's ESG commitments and actions, always thinking about sustainable development.

Politica de Sustentabilidade

Safety in the air and on the land

This is our number one Value and should be an indispensable premise for any decision.

Relationship with the Customer

We serve all customers with our unique GOL way of serving, being inclusive, accessible and bringing comfort and agility to give more life to your time.

Team of Eagles

We have the best team in Brazilian aviation, committed to diversity, evolution and professional development and the health and safety of all employees.

Climate Change

We’ve reduced greenhouse gas emissions by increasing fuel efficiency, intelligent design of the airline network, technological advances, operational improvements and contribution to the alternative fuel chain.

Social Accountability

We’ve contributed to positive and permanent changes through social investment, donation of tickets and cargo transportation in education, sports, civic, accessibility and volunteering initiatives.

Questions and Suggestions?

Questions and Suggestions?
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