MEDIF Medical Certificate

Find out what you need to know to fill in the medical forms correctly and what the requirements are for in-flight equipment.


FREMEC Medical Card

Check out the necessary information for those who already have the documents or want to apply for them.

Visually impaired person (blind)

Check the documents required to travel with a guide dog.



Hearing impaired person (deaf)

Need to travel with a hearing dog? Learn more about assistance and transportation.



People with permanent physical or motor disabilities

Learn more about our services and how to travel with a wheelchair or crutches.




People with intellectual or developmental disabilities

View information about boarding procedures and other information about the service.



People with temporary reduced mobility

If your mobility is temporarily reduced for medical reasons (immobilization, surgery, etc.) and you need assistance, request it when you purchase your ticket or through GOL's online service up to 72 hours in advance. When you arrive at the airport, identify yourself to a member of our staff.

Here's how to proceed:

Access the medical certificate (MEDIF) to be sent to GOL up to 72 hours before travel.

We will provide a wheelchair if you need one.
You may also check a wheelchair or pair of crutches at no additional charge (see here for more information about baggage).

Please note: See Special Terms and Conditions for Travelers with Special Needs.


Illnesses and conditions that require prior authorization from GOL personnel

Acute illnesses (cardiorespiratory, stroke, etc.), surgery, accidental injuries or chronic conditions require prior authorization from GOL's medical team before travel. For this reason, we recommend that customers contact our Customer Service to find out what documents and forms they need to provide before traveling.
24-HOUR CALL CENTER - 0800 704 0465.


Recent operations

If the customer has undergone surgery less than 30 days before the date of departure, he/she must complete and send the MEDIF form (between 15 days and 72 hours before the flight) for analysis by GOL's medical team.
Download the MEDIF form and access other important information about the medical certificate.



Medical equipment

Some medical equipment is allowed in carry-on baggage but is prohibited for use onboard, such as nebulizers and inhalers. However, essential equipment such as pacemakers and infusion pumps for continuous medication are permitted.
In the case of needles and syringes, air transport is authorized as long as the customer is carrying medication with professionally printed labels identifying the medication, the manufacturer or the pharmaceutical industry. Medication also requires a medical prescription.

Stretcher on board

If the customer's medical condition does not allow him/her to travel seated or with the backrest in an upright position, GOL offers a stretcher transport service. To request this, you must submit the MEDIF form at least 72 hours before the flight. The request will be evaluated by our medical team.
Download the MEDIF form and access other important information about this medical certificate.

For information on how to purchase this service, please contact our 24-hour Call Center at 0800 704 0465.



Oxygen on board

At least 72 hours prior to travel, customers with cardiac and/or respiratory problems who require supplemental oxygen on board must submit the MEDIF form. Download the MEDIF form and access other important information about this medical certificate.
Please note that the GOL oxygen service is for limited use on aircraft. Oxygen must be provided by the passenger or their guardian if oxygen is required in the departure lounge, during transfers and disembarkation.

For information on how to purchase this service, please contact our 24-hour Call Center at 0800 704 0465.

Important: Blood gas testing and a recent hemogram are required to use oxygen onboard.

Passengers with medical conditions who require a companion

In these situations, GOL offers the companion an 80% discount on the ticket.
The companion must be over 18 years old and capable of assisting the passenger with special needs throughout the flight. The discount will only be applied after the MEDIF or FREMEC forms have been completed and approved.
Download the MEDIF form and access other important information about this medical certificate.

Access the FREMEC form and other important information for those wishing to apply for this document.

Boarding with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

If you need to board with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC), please contact our Customer Service on 0800 704 0465 in advance so that we can prepare and authorize your boarding. We recommend that you contact us 15 days in advance, with a maximum of 72 hours before the flight.
The equipment may be carried as carry-on baggage without incurring excess baggage charges, as long as it meets the requirements for transportation.

Conditions for carrying an additional power source (batteries) for CPO

Devices may be used on board as long as you have an independent power source (battery) that meets GOL requirements:

  • Additional batteries must be fully charged to power your equipment for at least 150% of the total flight time, taking into account the time for stopovers, connections and including delays and/or unforeseen events.
  •  Aircraft electrical outlets may not be used for CPO use and charging.
  •  The customer may carry up to two spare batteries (lithium-ion), provided they do not exceed 160 Wh.
  •  No single battery may be carried as checked baggage, only as carry-on baggage.
  • Batteries must be in good condition and individually packed to avoid contact.
View the models of equipment that are homologated and approved for shipment with GOL
  • AirSep Focus
  • AirSep FreeStyle
  • AirSep FreeStyle 5
  • AirSep LifeStyle
  • Delphi RS-00400
  • DeVilbiss
  • Healthcare iGo
  • Inogen One
  • Inogen One G2
  • Inogen One G3
  • Inova Labs LifeChoice
  • Inova Labs
  • LifeChoice Activox
  • International Biophysics
  • LifeChoice
  • Invacare Solo2
  • Invacare XPO2
  • Oxlife Independence
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Oxus RS-00400
  • Precision Medical
  • EasyPulse
  • Respironics EverGo
  • Respironics SimplyGo
  • SeQual Eclipse
  • SeQual eQuinox Oxygen
  • System (model 4000)
  • SeQual Oxywell Oxygen
  • System (model 4000)
  • SeQual SAROS
  • VBox Trooper
  • Oxygen Concentrator


Neurodegenerative Diseases

GOL cares about its customers' well-being and to ensure a smooth and safe journey, passengers with neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, etc.) that cause cognitive difficulties must send the MEDIF at least 48 hours before travel (unaccompanied or accompanied).
The accompanying person must be over 18 and capable of assisting the disabled passenger throughout the flight. Only after the MEDIF or FREMEC forms have been completed and approved will the discount be applied.


Customers with pacemakers cannot be screened by metal detectors, i.e., they are not X-rayed upon boarding. An alternative procedure is used that does not interfere with the functioning of the device. Passengers must present a medical certificate at check-in.

Pregnant women

Information on preferential treatment, boarding documents and more.


People aged 60 and over

Rules for the admission of elderly people with or without health problems.


People with obesity

Find out how GOL can make your travel more comfortable.


Emergency Assistance

Learn about the service that provides discounted fares when a family member passes away.


Passengers Traveling with Emotional Support Animals (ESA)

Emotional Support Animals assist individuals who, due to emotional or psychological conditions, may have a report indicating therapy through the adoption of animals.

GOL does not currently provide this service.

You can transport your pet using our Dog&Cat Cabin, Dog&Cat + Space or GOLLOG Animals services.

People with allergies

GOL does not make any adjustments to its operating procedures for customers with any type of respiratory, skin, eye, food, medication, insect or pet dander allergies. We also do not offer any special in-flight service. The products offered may contain nuts, cow's milk and soya, among other allergens. We recommend that customers seek medical and nutritional advice and have their allergy medications readily available in their baggage, as well as information about the product to which they are allergic. In the case of extreme allergies, the crew must be notified upon boarding. Allergen-free travel cannot be guaranteed.

Passengers with Covid-19

Flexible ticket rebooking for passengers with Covid-19
Customers experiencing symptoms or who have been diagnosed with coronavirus should contact our customer service channels prior to boarding to request an analysis to rebook the trip free of charge* up to 30 days after the original boarding date. It is recommended that the new trip be taken 10 days after the positive diagnosis or the onset of symptoms. However, if it is necessary to rebook within a shorter period of time, the rebooking will be finalized only after the negative RT-PCR test (nose and throat) is submitted within 72 hours prior to your new boarding date.

Important: Changes, refunds and no-shows outside of the conditions described below are subject to fees and penalties according to the rules of the fare purchased.

Free change or fee waiver

The free change or fee waiver is subject to the presentation of the necessary documentation and applies to flights sold by GOL and also operated by GOL: test - laboratory or pharmacy (rapid antigen) - with identification of the customer with full name, CPF and technical responsible for the analysis or medical certificate.

Flights sold by GOL and operated by partner airlines

For flights sold by GOL but operated by partner airlines, the free rebooking concession applies only if a GOL-operated flight to the same destination is available. If a GOL flight is not available, the customer may exceptionally request a credit or a full refund.

Bookings with Travel Agencies, Smiles Program or Other Airlines

If your ticket was purchased through a travel agency, Smiles program or other airline and the flights are operated by GOL, please contact the issuing agency.