Emotional assistance animals

Get to know our customer service and find out how to travel with an emotional support dog.

GOL wants to ensure that everyone has the best experience during their flight. Passengers with special needs due to an emotional or psychiatric condition may travel with a support dog.

GOL only makes this service available on flights to or from the Cancún.

After purchasing your ticket, you may request to have an emotional support dog travel in the cabin with you.

Please see the requirements below:

Required documentation

All the documents listed below should be sent via email to medif@voegol.com.br for examination, at least 72 hours before the flight.

 The medical information form, known as MEDIF, signed and completed by your medical provider. Our attendants will contact you to ensure that all procedures were carried out correctly and all applicable documents meet the requirements for approval.
*The passenger's diagnosis must be recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.


 Furthermore, a health certificate, vaccination records and other health documents for the animal must also be presented. For more details click here


• To bring a companion dog aboard, the passenger must travel in a window seat

• For flights to/from Cancun, pets must be transported in the passenger's lap.

• The dog cannot walk up and down the aisle and must not be close to an emergency exit. Smaller animals may travel in a pet carrier, if the passenger so desires. To check the size limits, click here.*

• The use of a leash is required during the entirety of the flight, and it is recommended that the passenger also bring a muzzle (if needed), as well as a pee pad for the animal to be able to relieve itself.

• If the animal exhibits any kind of aggressive behavior, such as snarling at or even jumping on other passengers or animals traveling on the same flight, boarding may be denied.


Please note: All of the documents presented for the animal must be originals (no photocopies). If any documents are not accepted, the passenger will receive a full refund for the ticket.